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About me

Hi, my name is Ramón and I am the founder of Granada Wanderer.

I have been too young or too old for countless jobs, or even too qualified for others. Long ago I ended my relationship with standard jobs to achieve self-realisation to put on value my talent and transmitting my knowledge.

I am a professional and licensed tour guide by the Government of Andalucia (Spain) with more than 16 years of experience in the tourism field: Travel agencies, national and international hotels, airlines and tourism development projects.

I currently work with some of the most important companies in the tourism sector, so I can proudly say that I’m the official tour guide in Granada for National Geographic groups, by means of the international agency in charge of commercialising its exclusive tours.

I have guided thousands of people through the streets of my beloved Granada and before that, almost all of Spain and Portugal while getting indelible memories of people who, in one way or another, left this city with a smile in their faces and an a dream: To return.

The Granada Wanderer project was born as a remote, fleeting idea, given the concern for the growth of massive tourism that had not yet become an absolute chaos at the international level. A type of tourism oriented to the masses, without any quality and industrialized to satisfy the hordes of tourists with no other purpose but providing a certain number of photographs to share on social networks. Without immersion, respect, passion or soul.

Granada Wanderer is ‘slow tourism’ at its best: We create unique tours and experiences for demanding travelers who seek to grow personally and know what they want, in a calm way, savoring every moment, without haste and with great detail.

It’s simple: Granada Wanderer is also made up of regular collaborators who are highly reliable. I work with the best professionals in the sector and that is exactly where our strength lies. I seek perfection at all times, which is why I do know from experience that only the best ones can offer what my clients are looking for: Excellence.

My hallmarks: Enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge and love of detail.

My favorite words: Culture, art, gastronomy, colour, history, light, discovery.

I would love them to be yours too.

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Quick guide of Granada gift

Subscribe to our newsletter and get a fantastic Quick Guide from Granada. You just have to enter your email below.

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